I’ve avoided formal introductions here – or even the use of the first person – but now feels like a good time to give a little bit of background. You see, I’m what someone might call “green” when it comes to the marketing industry.

Maybe even “very green.”

And just like in any industry, it’s with a wide eyed sense of discovery that I approach each day, finding a new way to solve a specific problem, or even better, a new place I can add to the long list of spots that will help me out of a jam.

Recently, I discovered the greatness that is Costco.

Now, while this likely doesn’t come as a surprise (where do you think we bought all our supplies for the coming apocalypse?), it’s not for the obvious reasons that I now have a special place in my marketer’s heart for Costco.

Sure, we all love a place that for reasons we will never understand carries extra large quantities of that extremely weird thing that you need extra large quantities of for a project that when you describe it to friends you have one of those “what do I do for a living” moments.

The greatness of Costco is in the customer service.

When I recently worked on a project that required me to locate a large quantity of candy in a pinch, it was never a question as to where I would find what I needed; but as I wheeled my cart full of twenty 64 oz boxes of jelly beans up to the register, the man at the counter did not immediately ring an alarm and say “I need to see your ID as no one in their right mind would ever spend money on an absurd quantity of jelly beans!”

Nope – quite the opposite, actually.

It was with a totally calm face that the man looked at my cart and started scanning items, seemingly noting that this was in fact a completely normal amount of jelly beans for any man to want or need at ten am on a Tuesday – who’s he to judge?

And while I could spend a little more time considering how desensitized all Costco employees must be and how it would impact their lives when interacting with any store that does not exist at the Costco level (“What do you mean this only comes in a 12 oz?” I imagine is their response to the Walgreens employee as they hold a tube of snake venom cream in their hand), I won’t over think it and simply take this moment to say thank you, Costco employee, for not judging me and allowing me to buy embarrassing amounts of strange things without even a slight sideways glance.