When we set out on our own 2+ years ago I’m not even sure we set out to create an agency, let alone an advertising agency. We liked and trusted each other a lot (we had a history of being in the trenches alongside one another), and really liked to come up with marketing ideas. We thought, given a little luck, we might sell those ideas to people in the real world – you know, for currency. Call it marketing, call it creative consulting, call it something…but we certainly didn’t leave to create an Ad Agency. Or didn’t plan to anyway.

I think for the most part we’re a humble bunch. Honestly, we love what we do and love working with people who share a passion for creativity mixed with dollops of bravery, and we like to mix it up and hustle. Do we like to win? Absolutely. Are we excited about wins? 100%. Do we celebrate when we win? Yup. That said, we’re excited about being named Small Agency of the Year by Ad Age. Granted, we submitted for it, but we never thought we’d win – it was so ludicrous a concept we soon put it out of our minds. But sure enough, we got the nod. Thanks Ad Age.

In what seems like just the blink of an eye, it’s been two years and change since we opened the doors to our little shop. We’re proud of our work, grateful to the relationships we’ve developed with our clients, and inspired by the people we’ve brought onboard. So much so, that we’ve inserted the graphic below to remind ourselves how we got to where we are now.

So yes, we plan to celebrate – we’re going to raise (let’s see, 9 people, 4 drinks each, with the variable outlier of 2 of them having 6 drinks *cough* Long and Mullin *cough* = 40) FORTY glasses and toast the achievement. But before we do, we also know this wouldn’t have been possible without our friends, supporters, and clients – it just wouldn’t feel right without toasting all of you, too. So, please…stop by, or let us know when you’re in the neighborhood (SF or NY!), so we (thanks Chase) can whip you up a drink and offer our thanks.


Here’s to 1000 more pixels on next years graphic.