Last summer we threw the first ever Bike-In-Theater on an abandoned river side street in Brooklyn, New York. This year we’re doing it again only bigger, better and in more cities. We loved the idea of reinventing this mid-20th century weekend fad with a modern, urban twist so much that we needed to do it again. The come back of the bicycle in all styles, colors and types has only grown since last year. We are guessing you’ve noticed this too. We’re not saying America has become Copenhagen but we are on our way. With so many of us riding these days we want Bike-In-Theater to become a summer evening staple.

Last year we partnered with Forking Tasty Suppers to serve some killer snacks. This year we’re increasing the tasty with some new food vendors that create treats as awesome as you and your bike. As we develop the events we’ll keep you updated on the menu.

Of course, we like a little mystery so we have to keep the exact location, day and time undisclosed at the moment. We are planning another Bike-In-Theater in New York as well as adding one in San Francisco with the potential for other cities in the works. The list below will keep you in the know. Once you sign up, we will send you a note with some specifics on the Bike-In. A week before show time we will send out the information on where to go and where to arrive to anyone who signed up online. A few things you can expect – lots of bikers, an old school hit movie and some delicious snacks.

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In the hopes of keeping this super fun evening free of charge, we’re coming here (Kickstarter) to this awesome network of people doing really cool things, to reach out to all of you. Of course, your support will not go unrewarded, so beyond having the chance to join us for BIT Round 2, there are all sorts of awesome gifts listed to the right for your commitment to help bring this event to life. Our goal is to reach $24K in order to bring this event to SF and NYC. Rally for your favorite in the backers comments.

In order to bring this event to San Francisco and New York City, we have to raise $24K to help pay for permitting, security, movie rights, generators, speakers, food, etc. So, we’d love any help you can give to make the 2012 Bike-In-Theater tour a reality. Click this to back us.

Thanks in advance for your support!

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