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We believe in hard work and true craftsmanship.

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Brian is a co-founder at Manifold. Like a kid in a candy store, Brian is constantly consuming the latest and greatest that the world has to offer. His constant pursuit of the “new” feeds directly into his work, inspiring him throughout his 15+ year career creating and implementing marketing strategy for the emerging disciplines of social media, word-of-mouth and influencer marketing with brands such as Walmart, Microsoft, Mastercard, Mazda, Pepsi, and Kelloggs. Don’t waste your time forwarding that hilarious meme to him, because he’s already sent it to you – check your spam folder.

Brian Mullin


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Jason is a co-founder at Manifold. Just like his eye for great foods, Jason carefully examines every aspect of every project he’s ever worked on, ensuring a consistency and quality from start to finish. For the past 14 years, Jason has pushed the envelope and helped redefine interactive, direct and guerilla marketing campaigns for global brands such as Yahoo!, American Express, IBM and The New York Times. And just like with his food, you may not understand how every ingredient plays into each dish, but once the finished product hits the table you realize that you’ve been in very capable hands from the start.

Jason Anello


  • Marley Bird Organics launches the "My First Bite" line - coming to a Whole Foods near you. https://t.co/zlxlvAM3OX
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Kelly is a Co-founder and Partner at Manifold. With an ability to understand and appreciate the passions of others, her worldly travels result in an open and unique approach to client service and business management. With 14+ years under her belt, she’s overseen corporate communications and global advertising and marketing campaigns for Ogilvy PR Worldwide and Porter Novelli and for clients like AOL, Dr. Pepper, Honda, HP, Levi’s and Yahoo!.

Kelly Long

New Business

Mike is a co-founder at Manifold. For almost 20 years Mike has helped musicians, artists and brands find ways to express their passions and connect to the world around them. From overseeing global tours of multi-platinum acts, to developing marketing programs, Mike has worked with clients such as Tori Amos, Marc Cohn and A Perfect Circle to Cingular, RCA, Target, Honda, Saturn, LinkedIn, and Microsoft. His passion for work is rivaled only by his quest to rekindle his first love – a 1980 Kuwahara KZ-1 BMX bike.  If anyone has a line on a set of NOS Gold Suntour VX 170mm cranks, he’s got cold, hard cash standing by.

Mike Weaver


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Sean is a co-founder at Manifold. With an almost disarming sense of kindness, Sean has a genuine approach to everything he does. It’s with this attitude that Sean has enjoyed every second of a 14 year career managing large-scale, award winning marketing and global public relations campaigns for Microsoft, LinkedIn, Yahoo!, HP, Gap, Casio and GMC. If it’s ever proven that there is factual merit to the phrase “killing ‘em with kindness” those worldly travels will likely come to an end, as airport security would be notified to his new status as a walking weapon.

Sean Florio


  • Creative and talented people - Manifold is looking to build out it's SF creative team! Traffic Manager Creative Ser…https://t.co/Mk4Vl0lrrd
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From moving across the country to seamlessly moving from the waves to the hills, Jenny is no stranger to change. Her effortless ability to adapt is a vital element in her work, after spending six years at Patagonia doing everything from producing events to spearheading the publishing division, all with a strong eye for quality and detail. With her free hours spent either in the surf or on the trails, it’s with slightly bowed heads that we can also report she rides a motorcycle to work, establishing that she has 42% more machismo than all the guys in the office. Combined.

Jennifer Sullivan


Becca combines a curious mind, thoughtful approach and a strong cup of coffee to drive successful campaigns and has fun while doing it.  With a passion for all things design and an eye for details and logistics, Becca is up for any project from internal campaigns to nationwide events series. With experience in events, PR and brand strategy Becca has happily landed here at Manifold. Becca has asked her mom for permission to share a quirky personality trait with the Internet via this biography; check back for updates. When we know, you’ll know.

Becca Derenthal


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Lynn is a seasoned event producer, with a career spanning 25 years, leading corporate event executions from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies at some of the world’s largest trade events. From 5,000 sq/ft branded spaces at CES to unique industry experiences for C-level execs at some of the largest creative events such as Festival of Creativity in Cannes, she is a leader in managing and producing breakthrough events.  Her passion is working with her clients to build creative experiences that capture the imagination of their audience and leave them with lasting memories.

Lynn Arno


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Rebecca loves numbers, GAAP, QuickBooks, finding bargains and gardens.  When not supporting our clients and partners on the accounting side of the house, or keeping the Manifoldians in check on all things procedural, she can be found tending to her extensive crop of watermelon, tomatoes, onions and other sundry produce.  Through her years as a staff accountant and gardener, she’s learned the wonders of progressive invoicing and that radishes can grow like weeds.  Any good tips on growing a more yummy (organic) ear of corn are always welcome.

Rebecca Forinash


With a broad range of experience in fashion, retail, operations and production, Kate has years of experience working closely with clients and vendors, and problem solving effectively. Her passion for art and design means she loves getting involved in creative tasks, where her combination of imagination and practicality makes her a valuable asset. A San Francisco transplant via NYC, Colorado and Australia, Kate’s always willing to jump on a plane and get onsite – a travel junkie at work and play, on weekends you’ll find her hunting for another beautiful slice of coastline. Viva California!

Kate Ward-Walton


We pay attention to sliated most people never realize exist.

Manifold is a creative agency that imagines (and produces) remarkable online + offline ideas.

Advertising Age Small Agency of the Year


We make sure your communication is using all cylinders appropriately and that your message gets to the right place at the right time. We enable this by exploring new technologies, emerging trends, passionate audiences and relevant timing to develop a unique and brand appropriate, cross-platform game plan.


We stand behind the belief that effective marketing boils up to one thing: a great idea. Our diverse set of passions and experience create a bit of a percolator-effect when generating ideas. Years of experience with clients from all industries has formulated our unique ideation process that consistently produces one hell of a strong cup of coffee.


Brand Strategy
Creative Ideation
Campaign Development
Experiential Campaigns
Digital Strategy
Social Media Marketing
Social Network Management
Email Development
Website Development
Web & Campaign Analytics
Video Production
Media Buying
Brainstorm Collaboration
Marketing Education
Partnership Development
Influencer Outreach
Talent Management and Procurement

And everything in between.


Based in San Francisco, with offices in Los Angeles and New York, Manifold was founded by a team of five partners who managed the global Buzz Marketing team at Yahoo!, helping to drive the non-traditional marketing space since 1999.

Feeder Tweeter

Client: Manifold

We created Feeder Tweeter as an experiment aimed at connecting an ordinary object with the Internet at large. After 3 months of coding, hacking and soldering, the end result is an autonomous solar powered bird feeder that detects motion, snaps photos and uploads them to Twitter.

The “Internet of Things” has been a passion of ours ever since we created a fleet of Flickr Powered Photo Bicycles back in 2008; what cost $10,000 in R&D then is less than $500 today. Learn about this project on our blog, complete with engineering schematics & code base.


Client: Whistle

Whistle, creators of an on-collar device that measures your dog’s daily activities, brought Manifold on board prior to their public launch to help create and design their online brand strategy and identity. We partnered with Whistle to develop their corporate brand story, create and develop their online presence (www.whistle.com) and produce their Whistle product launch video.

Whistle Launch Video

The Lytro-izer

Client: Lytro

Lytro tasked us to create a holiday campaign that would showcase their revolutionary technology and run in tandem with their new product feature launch. We took the holiday nostalgia of stop-motion animation Christmas TV specials and created an unexpected brand experience.

Together with Screen Novelties Studios we created The Lytro-izer. This three day campaign encouraged users to submit photos via Twitter for the chance to be recreated in clay and have their photo transformed into a living picture, delivering a one-of-a-kind, share-worthy holiday card.

GE: Minds & Machines

Client: General Electric

For 2 years Manifold has produced GE’s Minds + Machines, a conference convening on the “Industrial Internet” – a global network that connects machines, people, and data to transform how the world builds, powers, moves and cures.

The event is an invitation-only gathering for business leaders, policy makers, academics and journalists, featuring keynotes and panel discussions from luminaries including Jeff Immelt, CEO, GE; Marc Andreessen, Co-founder, Andreessen Horowitz; Chris Anderson, Editor-in-Chief, WIRED; among others.

From early morning load ins....
To down to the wire event prep...
GE provided us with ample challenges (2 ton jet engine stage prop anyone?)
GE: Minds and Machines Conference 2012
Jeffrey Immelt prepared Silicon Valley Influencers for the Day
Wired's Chris Anderson moderated the panels
Dramatic moments from the show
A well tended event
Press Mentions

Windows 8 in Times Square

Client: Microsoft

Recently Manifold participated in a multi-agency campaign to launch Windows 8 to the public. We managed the technology & logistics necessary to deploy hundreds of computers and hundreds of trained staff out to the middle of Times Square to demo the amazing new hardware and software made possible by Windows 8.

We operated an open retail space, 14 hours per day for 3 days, resulting in thousands of high touch hands on trails and hundreds of millions of brand impressions, clearing the way for thousands of new customers.


Levi's #GoForth

Client: Levi's

Levi’s engaged Manifold to build a social influencer marketing program focused on Levi’s recent #GoForth campaign. Levi’s goal was to create a “movement” to inspire and empower influencers to #GoForth in their daily lives and share those stories with the world.

Over the course of three months, Manifold identified and rewarded hundreds of Levi’s influencers through social recognition, product seeding, and unexpected Levi’s 501 Grants. Manifold also encouraged consumers to submit thousands of #GoForth Instagram photos to highlight on Levi’s New York City billboard.

Wieden Kennedy produced a spot that served as the north star for this campaign.

Zynga Zombie Blood Drive

Client: Zynga

We partnered with Zynga to help launch the company’s newest mobile social game, Zombie Swipeout.

Zombie look-alikes invaded the streets of New York City and San Francisco, hosting a three-hour zombie blood drive and handing out iced Blood Pops. We also had our zombies hand deliver personalized Zombie Blood Drive coolers to Zynga’s select influential group of media.

The results were astounding – total media impressions topped 210 million, marking one of the largest single-day moments for a game.

The zombie prep begins in NYC at 6am...
Soon we have a gang of beasties ready to promote
We attacked the city in earnest
Handing out blood pops to promote Zynga's latest title: Zombie Swipeout
Media drops containing specially packed pops secured coverage
3 hours later, San Francisco begins creating a left-coast beastly crew
We stagger from the Zynga headquarters...
We hit all the necessary landmarks
No one was safe from the popsicle toting hordes.
We created memorable interactions ensuring Zynga got the word out.
Thousands of blood pops were handed out to happy citizens of New York and San Francisco.
Over 200 million pr impressions secured, making this one of Zynga's most successful launches.
See the Blood Drive in action.

Sungevity Solar-Powered Popsicles

Client: Sungevity

Last summer we helped our client, Sungevity, introduce its residential solar energy offering to the East Coast! We distilled the offering and created a simple, unexpected interaction between brand and audience with a clear message: refreshing the east coast with a solar-powered popsicle truck.

The truck toured for 7 weeks visiting 5 states, 37 cities and 60 events resulting in 20K high touch point interactions. Additionally the campaign garnered over 42 unique media placements and over 49MM total media impressions.

From humble beginnings...
...to ready to roll...
We hit the road to help Sungevity tell their solar story.
Solar sales from the heart of Times Square...
...solar sales in small town America...
...solar sales at the local swim club...
Energy liberation from the heart of Bean Town...
We delivered Solar Power To The People.
Colorful side panel info-graphics helped prove our case.
Fans followed the tour via a Facebook application and always had a jump on the next stop
What solar tour is complete without solar-powered grasshoppers?
The most important question: Coconut or mango?
Program Coverage
See how it came to life!

Yahoo! Yodel Studio

Client: Yahoo!

Yahoo! asked us to help them re-engage their huge global audience both on and offline.

Anchoring on the company’s most recognized brand asset, the Yahoo! yodel, we created live recording music studios in the middle of New York, London and Mumbai.

We invited anyone and everyone to come inside and give us their best interpretation of the Yahoo! yodel. What was at stake? The potential fame and bragging rights of having their yodel featured on the Yahoo! homepage and in Yahoo!’s global advertising campaign.

Times Square Talent
A Times Square recording studio will draw a crowd...
A live band accompanied you from on high...and across the street.
Crowd pleaser.
Times Square was purple for the day.
Rob Cavallo and Pete Wentz.
Randy gives daps to a young fan.
Kimberly Caldwell, Leanne Rimes, and Randy Jackson
Watch how we made it happen.


Client: Manifold

Last summer we teamed up with the Brooklyn-based food blog and supper club Forking Tasty for a unique, modern twist on the classic American Drive-In experience: the Bike-In-Theater. Hundreds of riders sat and watched a movie on the Brooklyn waterfront while munching on snacks from Forking Tasty’s kitchen, including gourmet popcorn flavors.

The free event was designed as a way to celebrate summer, bike month in NYC and the launch of Forking Tasty’s cinema supper club season. Stay tuned for more Bike-In-Theaters in the near future.

Admittedly we scrimped a tad on the signage.
Transport Of The Gods. Or Brooklyn At Least.
Flavored popcorn care of Jason's side project - Forking Tasty.
Home baked cookies care of Jason's side project - Forking Tasty.
Getting ready for the show.
Inexpensive "participatory marketing engagement." Go ahead, just shout it out.
Roll film. Wait, we bought the rights from Universal, correct? Bueller?
Bike-In-Theater Coverage
Come along and pretend you were there.

LinkedIn Today Launch

Client: LinkedIn

Last spring LinkedIn’s Mobile News Cafes hit the streets of New York and San Francisco introducing a new product, LinkedIn Today. Inspired by the current food truck trend, the mobile cafes served the hottest news headlines via side-mounted tablets, along with free cups of coffee to busy professionals.

Our branded trucks rolled through San Francisco and New York promoting LinkedIn Today.
Step on up.
A break in the crowd.
Brand ambassadors were dressed to deliver big news, big smiles...
Killing them with kindness.
No detail too small.
No detail too small.
Program Coverage
Watch how free hot coffee makes people happy.

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